• 13 June

    Forums: Shiftability

    Hendre Coetzee will explore techniques you can use to activate your Shiftability and unlock yourself from habits that continually sabotage your own development. How Shiftable are you?

  • 9 May

    Social Events: The Basketball Championship

    CEO Clubs Int’l, Next Gen Club and Steaua CSM EximBank invite you on the basketball court for the tournament that encourages you to play, and also to take managerial decisions.

  • 26 May

    Forums: The Challenge of Change: The road ahead

    Over the last 15 years Michael Jackson has addressed over 2.500 conferences across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, the USA and Southern Africa, to audiences ranging from factory workers to Heads of State. Former South African President Nelson Mandela has called him “a national treasure” and he’s worked personally with Bill Gates and Richard Branson

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