About Next Gen Club

About Us

Next Gen Leaders Hub is a Leadership Organization established to provide a combination of learning, contribution, fun and business opportunities to exceptional professionals, all members of the leadership Team of their companies.

The Hub's main activity is conducted through monthly meetings, which work as a platform for Learning, Business Development & Networking. The Hub offers a diverse set-up of Members having great experience in many different functions and industries, a factor that enhances the benefits of a diverse group of leaders eager to share their knowledge and experience.

Next Gen Leaders Hub was founded in January 2014 in Bucharest - Romania, aiming to offer to top management executives the opportunity to meet regularly with peers and learn through exchanging ideas and challenges from work and life. The acceptance was impressive and in just one year Next Gen exceeded 100 Members and hosted 18 top notch speakers who took our Members and meetings to a different level of creative and innovative interaction. The DNA of Next Gen Leaders Hub is to continuously add meaningful meetings and events that add real value to the top executives of each country. We are here to create an experience, redefine networking and generate life long memories for our Members.

Next Gen's key function is its Advisory Boards where groups of Members meet regularly and discuss each other's business cases. The advice deriving from them is invaluable.

Our strategic plan is to expand globally.

Our Mission

The Next Gen Leaders Hub's primary purpose is to attract tomorrow's generation of Leaders who are ahead of their time and offer them a platform where they can share knowledge, inspire each other, challenge their assumptions, think in a disruptive way, build genuine relations and do business, all that by having fun. We are a Hub of winners.

Our Values

  • Learning
  • Contribution
  • Fun

Why Join?

There are multiple benefits that a Membership in Next Gen Leaders Hub may offer, both for the Member and for the company that the executive represents. A few of them are:

  • Strengthening the leader’s personal brand and “industry signature”
  • Development of new key business and personal contacts
  • Gaining from sharing experience with peers
  • Becoming aware of the latest leadership trends
  • Being part of a quality and highly relevant network
  • Continuous generation of business and development opportunities
  • Human touch
  • Unlimited shared wisdom, best and ...not so best practices from those who "have been there”

Our Team 

Profile Picture

Sotiris Chatzidakis


Sandra Diviskova

General Director

Elena Caplea

Club Director