8th Forum: Crossroads ~ Leading a more fulfilling life

Thursday, November 19th, 2015
Radisson Blu - Atlas Room

Crossroads ~ Leading a more fulfilling life

Four leaders share with us how they made fundamental life changing decisions - managing competing priorities in their life, overcoming challenges, fear and adversity to leading today a more fulfilling life.

At a certain point in their life and career, they reached a critical juncture that required stepping back and reevaluating the next steps for realizing their life vision.

They had to answer the critical question “What’s next?” and to make important life decisions and navigate a complex life transition to realize their personal and professional potential.

• What are their “keys” for attaining life and career fulfillment?

• How they managed competing priorities and fears?

• How they leveraged their skills and resources for the best outcome?

• With what criteria do they measure success?


Kostas Loukas - General Manager, Microsoft Romania

Virgil Stanescu - President, Steaua CSM EximBank

Teodor Blidarus - Managing Partner, Softelligence

Ilinca Paun - Managing Director, Colliers International

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