FULLY BOOKED: 14th Forum: Artificial Intelligence & Singularity

Wednesday, November 21st, 2018
Radisson Blu - Atlas Room

Artificial Intelligence & Singularity - Are They Existential Threats to Humanity?

The remarkable successes of the AI, especially the new machine learning algorithms, brought back a renewed emphasis in discussions about the “technological singularity”, the machine superintelligence and all the favorite topics of transhumanism: posthumans, mind uploading, machine takeover and other hot subjects.

This fueled an incredible amount of techno-utopian hype among scientists, futurists and journalists that exacerbated a gloomy outlook about nefarious scenarios in which superintelligence of machines could potentially create existential threats to humanity. Soon, celebrities joined in and that accelerated the hype and these dire predictions are flooding the media and the internet.

This presentation will analyze in depth the technological and philosophical assumptions of these developments, unpack the hype and place these predictions in a realistic perspective probing into the real social, political and intellectual implications of the latest developments of artificial intelligence.

Keynote Speaker: Dan Cautis, Professor - Georgetown University

Guest Speaker:Horia – Roman Patapievici, Humanist and advocate of cultural independency

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