[Fully Booked]13th Forum: How and Why to take more Risk in this New Age of Uncertainty

Tuesday, May 8th, 2018
Radisson Blu - Atlas Room

Great Call: How and Why to take more Risk in this New Age of Uncertainty

As the world around us becomes increasingly uncertain and unpredictable, the ability to feel comfortable with such uncertainty and increase profits becomes more and more of a key skill. This session can help participants develop their capability as a leader by:

- Giving a new appreciation of the reality, implications and challenges posed by uncertainty when making decisions and allocating resources;

- Giving a new toolset to overcome these challenges in volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous circumstances;

- Creating a new mindset and a way of breaking out of old risk-averse habits and methodologies;

- Cascading such a mindset down through an organisation so that employees are more able to feel comfortable with risk so that they can better embrace change, innovate and seize opportunity.

Keynote Speaker: Caspar Berry

After starting his working life as an actor in BBC drama Byker Grove alongside Ant and Dec, Caspar studied economics at Cambridge before making the momentous decision to move to Las Vegas and become a professional poker player. Now a veteran of over 2,000 speeches in 30 countries, Caspar uses this unique experiences to deliver challenging messages about risk-taking and decision-making to maximize returns in an increasingly uncertain world.

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